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I’ve been working as a freelance artist since 2012. Aside from freelance work in nerd subculture communities, I also graduated from the School of Visual Arts for traditional animation in 2017. I have worked on many personal animated projects, such as “Treasure!”, “La Babosa”, and “Vixen”. I also have experience with pitching animated series to many major animation studios, like Nickelodeon, and Dreamworks. My most recent pitch project is “Star Dog and the Ultra Kid,” which I am actively working on now!Alongside animation, I also have experience in product design - specifically toy design. I interned at Hasbro Inc. in 2016, and worked with brands like My Little Pony, Littlest Petshop, Furreal Friends, Baby Alive, Furby, Easy Bake, and many more! I continued work with them in 2020 as a freelancer!Thanks for coming to this little corner of the Internet and checking out my work! <3Go home.

Commission Info

Thanks for your interest in my art!
You can catch my commission openings over on my various social media accounts, primarily Twitter, Furaffinity, Discord, and Telegram..
At the appropriate time, I will post a link to my google form, which you can fill in to claim a slot. These are first come first served and fill fast - so make sure you have a link to your reference ready. Unless it is an auction, I do not open any slots early or do reservations.By commissioning me, you agree to my Terms of Service.If you have any further questions, please contact me at .Go home.


If you would like something not listed here, feel free to email me for a quote. <3The prices listed are base prices and may vary based on complexity of commission.

Sketchy Headshot

Flat Headshot

Shaded Headshot

Digital Badge

Traditional Badge

More traditional badge examples can be viewed here


With clothes = $150.00
+$100 per additional character


With clothes = +$50
+$100 per additional character

More artwork examples can be viewed here


Includes front and back view.
+$50 for a custom character design
+$150 per fullbody
+$80 per chibi
+$50 per headshot
+$25 per closeup/detail shot

More reference sheet examples can be viewed here

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Example Gallery

Various artwork, commissioned and personal.


Fully Shaded


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Traditional Artwork

Various traditional artwork, commissioned and personal.

Headshot Badges

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Character Designs

Pre-made or commissioned artistic freedom designs.

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Reference Sheets

Custom reference sheets of characters.

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Terms of Service

By commissioning me you understand and agree to my Terms of Service. Read carefully before placing your commission as failing to acknowledge or abide by these guidelines will lead to a void transaction and cancellation of your commission. You also risk a permanent blacklist ban from future commission opportunities.

1. Introduction
- You have to be 18+ to place a commission with me.
- I the artist reserve the right to turn down any work for any reason.
- I may cancel the commission and issue a full refund if I decide to no longer work with a client.
- There is no deadlines unless specified otherwise, only rough estimates.
- Payment is expected in full, in advance through my Kofi, Zelle, Cashapp, or square.
- When you place a commission, please be clear and precise in what you’re looking for to avoid additional charges later. It’s your responsibility to keep an up to date reference sheet.
- My queue is public and can be found here on trello.
- Clients may request anonymity and/or an alias on the queue (ex. gifts)

2. Commission Process
(Queue times may vary, standard wait time is 5 months. So keep that in mind while placing your commission.)
- You commission me by contacting me directly via email, ( or filling out a form.
- If you don’t have a clear front and back view there is a design fee of +$50.
- If I accept your commission, I will contact you with my kofi link. If I don't receive a response or payment in a timely manner I will consider the slot abandoned and remove you from the queue.
- Prices are a general guideline based on prior experience and an hourly rate, the quote can change based on idea/character complexity.
- Work will not begin until after payment is made in full.
- If you change your mind before the commission has been sketched, you can still ask me personally for changes, but you might have to resubmit a form.
- You may ask for updates or WIPS at any time, but be respectful about it, keep an eye on my public queue.
- Due to ADHD and life, I can forget about some commissions, and I can forget about replying to you. Please send me a message again, it will be super helpful for me. I am one person, not a machine, so please be patient. It is greatly appreciated.
- Unless specified otherwise you will be sent a sketch for approval, giving you a chance to change things. You get two chances before getting charged for additional changes. (the exception is fixing mistakes on my side.)
- After you accept the sketch the commission is finished and there will be no room for major changes, the only exception is if I the artist has misinterpreted the design or missed anything that was clearly stated in the commission form.
- You will be given a high resolution PNG file once the commission is finished. It’s your own responsibility to download and archive these for your own use.

3. Copyright and licensing
- I maintain right to all work I create in any digital, traditional or print form under the name TERRAestrial or AradiaArt. (Or any of my other aliases: TerraWolfDog, Surfspupp, DogLegs, TerraTimberWolf, TerraHyena, or Gnollregard, or MotherWoIf.) This includes but is not limited to using commissioned work in portfolios, prints, merchandise, etc.
- If you wish to purchase the rights to your commission or character for commercial purposes (for profit) you need to pay a 400% fee on top of the original price, and depending on licencing intent you may be subject to royalty fees.
- If you do not want your piece to be included in any resale or promotional material you can request to be excepted from this. (I can however choose to not honor your request.)
- You have the right to use your commissioned piece for any personal/private use, things like icons, banners, uploads, prints or phone screens for yourself and loved ones are considered private and personal use. If you are unsure if something qualifies for private use, contact me.
- I reserve the right to make changes to any work I create for my own personal and commercial use. This may include but is not limited to re-purposing a background for a portfolio or putting some clothes on a semi-nude character for print.
- The client may upload and share their commission anywhere as long credit is given to the artist.
- The client may modify or color their commission, as long as it’s respectful to the original piece and credit is given, and has no hate symbols on it.

4. Refunds and payment plans
- The client is responsible for their own financial situation. I do not issue refunds for the client's failure to manage personal finances or obligations.
- At this time I do not offer refunds. The pandemic has taken a toll on my financial stability and I cannot afford to refund clients at this time. If this concerns you, please refrain from commissioning me.
- An exception to refunds is if I take over a year (12 months from the date of your payment being sent,)to complete your piece.
- I am willing to work with clients if they are unhappy with their service or product. Please do not open a dispute without contacting me beforehand as I will need to take legal action and you will be blacklisted.
4.a Commission Termination after work has begun:
- If your commission is terminated and refunded all rights to the supplied artwork returns to me as the artist to use as I please
- If work has begun, the client is subject to a partial (50%) refund up to the lining and coloring stage.
- Past this stage refunds are no longer eligible, but can be negotiated on an individual basis for exceptions.
- When the artwork is paid off and completed refunds are no longer negotiable. 
- You can purchase the rights to cancelled work to avoid it being recycled, just contact me for details.
4.b Payment plans
- Payment plans can be issued on a case to case basis on orders $250+
- +$250-1000 payment plans can be paid in 50/50 over 3 weeks.
- +$1000 pieces can be considered for longer payment plans (no longer than 3 months).
- Payment plans may be subject to penalties for late payments
- It’s usually more viable to pay in full.

5. “Your Character Here” (YCH) & Adoptables5.a General
- YCHs and Adoptables will be announced on my social medias and my telegram channel, and availability will be subject to the individual posts guidelines.
- Payment is expected in full 24 hours after claiming or winning a bid, if client fails to provide information / payment in a timely manner the slot will be revoked and re-listed.
- Failure to pay or cancel in a timely manner can result in blacklisting.
- In the case of auctions where the winner fails to claim their piece in one way or another, the second highest bidder may be contacted for an opportunity to claim or it might be re-listed.
5.b Your Character here (YCH)
- In the case of YCHs you will not receive a WIP sketch unless specified otherwise, since the sketch has technically already been provided.
- Individual guidelines per listing usually applies, but unless specified otherwise there is usually no gender, species or wing restrictions.
- For best results I do however recommend a YCH that looks like it would already fit your character.
- I reserve the right to turn down a YCH claim for a slot if I do not feel the character(s) would be a good fit.
5.c Adoptables & Custom Designs
- I still maintain the rights to all work I create any digital, traditional or print form under the name TERRAestrial or AradiaArt. (Or any of my other aliases: TerraWolfDog, Surfspupp, DogLegs, TerraTimberWolf, TerraHyena, or Gnollregard, or MotherWoIf.) This includes adoptables and custom designs.*
Adoptables and custom designs are sold for personal private use, not commercial. This means you can’t use these characters for commercial books, shows, comics, merchandise etc. You can however trade, give away or sell the design to your peers on sites such as Twitter and Toyhouse. (The Terms of Service on licencing rights still applies even if the design changes hands, so you should make sure the new owners are aware of this.)
- What I’m trying to say is I want you to have fun with your design, and I’m fine if you turn a profit selling it later, get commissioned artwork of it or even make prints featuring your character. As long as it stays relatively private and within the fandom, it’s yours! But if you want a new book character for children books illustrations, I am not the artist to go to, unless you specifically hire me for your project.
- Royalty and licensing wise your design still belongs to me unless you purchase the rights under a contractual agreement, you’re technically leasing the design. I have to state this for legal purposes, but don’t worry, this will probably never negatively affect you. I’m not coming after you to take a character back out of the blue, I just need to make sure you understand my need to protect my IP, and how adoptable prices would be very different if you wanted to claim the copyright yourself.
- You have the right to alter the design however you wish
- Name, gender, species, orientation and backstory is entirely up to you
- You may not spread hateful, harmful or distasteful content using my designs.
- You may resell or trade designs (privately, see above.)
- You may share and upload your design anywhere, with appropriate credit.
- If the design changes hands, credit must still be honored and given.
- If the design changes hands, terms of service must still be honored.
- I send HQ files of the designs out via Dropbox links or a folder. I don’t send files any other way. Please don’t ask me to.

6. Bases & Lineart6.a General
- Do not remove the TERRAestrial or AradiaArt watermark provided with the files, you may alter or move the signature, and you may add your own signature to the work as long as you keep my watermark somewhere in sight. Giving me credit in the description of an upload is appreciated but not required.
- You may only use the bases & lineart for personal use, personal use in this case extends to fandom use/sales and ends at commercial purposes.
- You may publish your finished/colored work anywhere online to share with others.
- Do not distribute the original files to anyone. The packs are exclusively for your own use, one license per purchase.
- Do not re-sell the files, the license is not transferrable.
- You may alter the lineart and/or draw your own.
- You may share any lineart you draw for the bases, as long as you do not share any other original assets from the original works.
- You may not spread hateful, harmful or distasteful content using my bases and lineart, even if it’s your character and colors.
6.b Copyright
- Copyright allows you to color images(purchased bases, lineart) for personal use. By personal use in this context it does extend to fandom related private works and sales under specific guidelines. The artwork is however still licensed to Aradia Art and you agree to these terms of service upon purchase.To specify; Any designs/characters you make using the illustrated lineart I provide belongs to you. The art is still licensed to me under Aradia Art (lines, graphics, layout).
- You may make new characters, or color in personal characters on the bases, as well as other peoples characters with permission from the characters owner(s). The design rights of the individual designs belongs to/remains with the creator of the original design.
- Any illustrated background works included in a base is reserved for use within that base only, you are not licensed to use these illustrations outside of their intended purpose.
- Any illustrated assets(items) included in a base is reserved for use within similar works, you may use the items across other base reference sheets and certain appropriate artworks as long as you keep the watermark from the original base and give appropriate credit in both the artwork and description. If you are unsure if your artwork is considered appropriate use in relation to these assets; contact me with the specifics of your intended purpose for the items and we can discuss it!
6.c Use & Sales
- You may use bases/lineart for personal use, oc’s, fun etc.
- You may edit and/or customize the base however you want, including but not limited to creating your own lines, backgrounds, assets and layouts!
- You need to own the rights/royalties to any assets, backgrounds, designs or layout you decide to add to the bases.
- You may sell designs using my bases, such as adoptables.
- You may do commissions using the bases/lineart.
- You may not harshly alter the intended purpose of the base in order to do commissions, reference sheets are for reference sheets etc.
6.d Technical requirements
- You agree to and understand that upon purchase you will receive a downloadable file containing the .psd and .png files that the base packs consists of. This is intentional and it is your own responsibility to retrieve these files .
- You need software with the ability to use layers in the form of .psd files to use these bases.
- I am happy to troubleshoot with you if you run into any issues, just contact me! Depending on the extent of the technical difficulties I can provide you with new or alternate files if I have the receipt for your order.
- The bases are meant to compatible with iPads, but it is not me as the seller and artists responsibility if you have old or outdated software/hardware. I can provide alternative file options for those who are having layer limit issues in Procreate upon request if I have the receipt for your order.

7. Content guide**7.a Preferences / Strengths **
- Anthropomorphic characters, human-like and quadruped
- Female characters or feminine characters.
- Animals
- Fantasy
- LGBTQ+ content
- Nature
- Magick / witchcraft
7.b Not preferred / Weaknesses
- Vehicles, Heavy Weapons, Hard surface objects with lots of detail
- Armour
- Reptiles
- Robots, Mechas
- Gore
- Buildings
7.c Banned Content (extends to all copyrighted TERRAestrial / Aradia Art work, including bases and purchased adoptables)
- Hate art, ex. nazis, racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia etc
- Extreme obvious political art
- Babyfur content of any kind
- “Hyper” and physically extreme bodies
- Sexual content involving minors or feral animals
- Animal genitalia on anthro characters that is not clearly fantastical or hybridized with human traits at all.
- Filth such as: Scat, sick, flatulence, or diapers
- Extreme gore or death
If you are unsure if your intended purposes for TERRAestrial / Aradia Art licensed artwork, base, adoptable or otherwise violates any of these guidelines, you are free to contact me and discuss it!

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Product Gallery

A gallery of merchandise I have created (both past and present,) and design work I do.